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Big Girl Baking Company

Welcome to Big Girl World!

We at Big Girl Baking Co. believe that all baked goods are not created equal. We stand by our motto, "Truth in Baking™," bringing
you only the most excellent products made with honest ingredients. You can't fake it, you've got to bake it!


Biscotti, Rosemary Corn Shortbread, Big Girl's Best Brown-ettes, Trail Mix Crunchers,
Very Gingery Snaps, Chocolate Red Hots, Sugar Almond Crescents, Black Forest Chunk Cookies,
Carmela's Cheesecake, Sweet and Savory Mixed Nuts, Gift Baskets


We at Big Girl are never too busy to answer your questions. We value your comments and suggestions.
Please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 1-877-721-3644 and we’ll get back to you
as soon as the next batch of biscotti comes out of the oven.